Good day everyone!

We want to introduce you our first horror movie in the POV format. At this moment our movie ready for 60% without any sponsorships. All costs of the film lie on our shoulders. Initially we didn't think to post our project on Kick, but when the costs began to exceed our capacity, we agreed to do it. We do not want to tell you the whole script. We want you to feel it while watching it. You may ask who we are and why we are shooting this film? More than a year before we were filming horror jokes, and we know perfectly well how to scare people. We were working with well known people such as DM pranks. All our videos went exactly to it, to film a horror movie. We would like to bring our audience to the atmosphere of the film. In this film, there is not a green background, or special computer effects, all effects of explosions, blood and so on, is real, since it is impossible to convey the atmosphere through computer graphics.